As your full-service photographer, I do more than schedule a photo shoot, take pictures, put the digital files on a disc, and mail the disc of files to you. As my full-service client, you will be treated better than that; there is a better method that I use in which we work together; it produces incredible photographs to be appreciated and treasured by you and your loved ones.

My joy as your full-service photographer comes in consulting with clients to connect with you, and in designing a custom photo shoot together. We will discuss hair and makeup, in-studio and other locations, what to wear, and what products you are interested in purchasing...because it all contributes to the final product.

As your full-service photographer, I will guide you during the photo session with good posing and lighting technique and tell you exactly what to do and how to move so you will love your images.

As your full-service photographer, I will creatively process each image individually with great attention to detail to ensure that you look your best in every frame, and each image will be unique. 

As your full-service photographer, I delight in presenting your gallery to you in your custom video slideshow and also in printed format on the reveal wall, so that you can hold, touch, and know exactly what you will be purchasing. You will purchase and take home the images that you love the day of your photo reveal, usually held just two weeks after your photo session!  There is no minimum order, and there will be no "hard sell" as you choose your favorites. What you choose to buy is entirely up to you and those you bring as helpful decision-makers.

As your full-service photographer, I want you to own products that you love which will outlive you and coming generations of your family will be able to treasure them. Archival, professionally-printed prints and enlargements from my studio will do that; digitals on a disc will become obsolete as technology changes. As your full-service photographer, I make sure that you get a print and digital copy of each image you purchase. Share them online today and display them in your home forever!

Are you ready for the full-service photography experience that you deserve? I would love for you to call me at 724.263.4114 to schedule a complimentary consultation so we can talk about your custom shoot. Treat yourself to the fantastic experience of full-service photography, and let's create the best photos you've ever seen of yourself!

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