I think I know you. You're reading this blog because you think you WANT to own portraits of yourself, but you need to be convinced. You know it's important to exist in photos...your family will treasure your photos...the last time you had professional photos taken was as a high school senior...but you're struggling with the fact that you think you aren't photogenic and never look good in photos. I know because I've been there.

I love photographing women who are used to being behind the camera instead of in front of it...they are always the ones who put others first. These women are caretakers for their husbands, children, and parents. They clean their homes and shop for the family clothes. They all have kind hearts, are friendly, and often are generous to a fault. When they come in for their complimentary consultation, they worry that they aren't going to look good in the photos that we create. They often say that they never have looked good in a photograph.


I'm here to tell you that the experience of this kind of portrait photography makes women like this happy. We discuss clothing options for your photoshoot to fit your personal style. You can opt for a professional makeover, with hair and makeup styling to feel pampered and also feel your best. You can feel comfortable in the privacy of the studio or you can go on location. The experience I strive to give my clients is a feeling of being a celebrity for the day. Everyday people walk into the studio, and along the course of the session their confidence  and beauty shine. I direct them during the session into flattering poses that make them look fantastic in front of the camera. Sometimes this is referred to as a transformation; but transformation has a hint of "change" to its meaning. You are not being changed.

The experience I am honored to give is the creation of magazine-style portraits via a celebrity experience for everyday people that is transformative in that it changes the way they sees themselves.

I like to think of this as a reveal. My photography uncovers and reveals my clients' character, beauty, and personality.

And together we make the best photos they have ever seen of themselves.

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