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Kathy called to set up a portrait session recently. She had won a voucher in March at Belle Vernon Area High School's production of Crazy for You. Although she had at first resisted a photo session, she ultimately called because it occurred to her that winning the voucher was karma...somehow she was meant to experience this. She decided to book a session "just because." 

We chatted on the phone, and I learned that she is single, having lost her husband five years ago. She is a septuagenarian.  She is independent. She has let her hair go beautifully gray and keeps it long. She is in good physical shape and works out daily. She refuses popular treatments to keep her looking young. She doesn't text and may not return your call. 

Kathy is a beautiful soul. I love everything about her, including the big pickup truck she drove to the studio in. She thought she'd stop at Martin's Flowers and Shrubs to pick up a few plants after the session!

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Kathy now owns matted folio prints and wall art which will decorate her home and become her legacy for those she loves. She told me that she had fun during her photo shoot (can you see it in her images?) and she is very happy that she made the decision to take advantage of the voucher.

No matter the age, beauty is something within all of us, even if we don't always see it ourselves. Are you in your 50s, 60s, or 70s and above? When is the last time you were photographed professionally? I'd love for you to experience a session and I'd love to have the opportunity to photograph you! "Just because!"

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