Habituation is a psychological learning process wherein there is a decrease in response to a stimulus after being repeatedly exposed to it. This concept states that an animal or a human may learn to ignore a stimulus because of repeated exposure to it. Every spring, I can think of nothing better than the smell of grass being cut for the first time since the previous autumn. However, as the weeks go by and I experience the smell repeatedly, I get used to it and it's not such a treat. 

We all hear the words, "Your family is beautiful!" or "You're such a cute couple!" or "Your pets are adorable!" and we say thank you, smile, and move on with our lives. How often do we stop and really appreciate that "My family IS beautiful!"?

The word family brings up many feelings...love, frustration, longing...there are memories, good and bad, and they have made us what we are today. I wouldn't trade them for anything.

You have a family, and it's a good bet that you've gotten pretty used to them. Laundry, routines, schedules, meals, appointments, prescriptions, sports, even the way you're always picking up after them.

Not long ago, we had a family in my home studio. They came in for a portrait together to celebrate the years and experiences together which have made them what they are today...as Magnus prepares to graduate from high school and take a gigantic step forward. As the session progressed and they teased each other about "who's the tallest NOW?" I thought about family and the decisions we make that affect us all. The times we move, the times we laugh, the times we support each other, and the times we wish we had. It's amazing how quickly kids become grown-up kids.

A portrait not only freezes a moment in time, it captures feelings, emotions, and memories...things that stop us in our tracks when we stumble across a folio box or a print tucked away in a drawer. A portrait like this needs to be displayed in your home. When I see family portraits I think of the future...when the kids in the portraits may someday have kids of their own.

So whether you're a mom or a daughter or a son or a father, think about all of this when you tell yourself, "I'd love a portrait but I need to lose weight first..." Your family is what is now, and THAT is what's beautiful. You see them every day, but you won't see them forever. It's easy to forget just how special they are and how quickly they're changing. That's why I'm reminding you.

Remember, no family is perfect. Love is what makes a family so intrinsically beautiful.

To reserve your Family Portrait Session in time for the holidays, contact us here. I'll tell you what to wear, how to pose, and even have a pro take care of hair and makeup if you like.

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