You're graduating! Time for Senior Photos! Before you go digging through your closet, throwing clothes at your mom and pulling out your hair because you don't know what to wear for your session, read these tips to make it easier:

TIP 1  --  LOVE IT!    Bring what you love! Stuff that makes you feel amazing, and you're comfortable wearing. Have you seen those '90s portraits when guys all seemed uncomfortable with ill-fitting shirts that they were forced to wear? That will not be you! I want you to look and feel incredible. [By the way, don't worry if your mom wants you to bring something that you don't like. We'll appease her briefly and get on with the session.]

TIP 2  --  BRING MORE THAN YOU'LL NEED!   Better too many outfits than not enough to wear. Yes, it's true. I'm different from most senior photographers who limit you to a certain number of outfits. 5 - 8 looks will be a good number to shoot for...we may not use them all, but there's no reason to limit ourselves from the start.

TIP 3  --  GET OUT YOUR THESAURUS!   Focus on an adjective that describes the look you want while wearing each outfit. "Bold"..."vulnerable"..."serious"..."friendly"..."timeless"...  What speaks to you?

TIP 4  --  ACCESSORIZE!   Accessories are key to a gallery of images with variety. They change the looks of outfits. Consider fedoras (or other awesome hats), belts, a stylish tie, vests, earrings, sunglasses, bracelets, flower crowns...bring it!

Seniors cover (Front) 2a

TIP 5  --  SOLID COLORS OR SUBTLE PRINTS!   Solid colors and subtle prints work best for the camera. We don't want to distract the viewer from your face while looking at the image. Something dark and something light at the very least. If you really want to wear a busy print, put a jacket or cardigan over it so less of it shows.

TIP 6  --  VARIED NECKLINES!   Vary the necklines of your tops. Crew necks, v-necks, boat tops work well. Bring a favorite, basic tank, too!

TIP 7  --  TEXTURE!   Texture brings interest without distraction. A large knit sweater, ruffles on a dress, a scarf.

TIP 8  --  FORM-FITTING CLOTHING!   I don't mean tight. Baggy clothing isn't good, either. A good photo shows what your body looks like, so don't hide inside loose clothing.

TIP 9  --  SHOES!   I rarely include shoes in the frame, so they aren't that important. Wear the shoes that make you most comfortable. 

TIP 10  --  DON'T BE SHY!   Your senior session is a time to loosen up and be open. Have you seen models in magazines wearing something crazy that you'd never wear in real life, but it works well in the picture? Try it! Bring your everyday clothes, but don't be afraid to add something outrageous! How about a Gryffindor scarf? Or a tulle skirt? A feather headdress? A prom gown? Items like these create unique looks that grab attention. 

Your Senior photo session is an opportunity to capture yourself the way you are right this moment in time when you're celebrating a wonderful accomplishment. With a little planning, you can choose outfits that will produce an epic gallery of photos which will outlive you and me, and be treasured by those you love!

Call me (I'd also be happy to speak with a parent or guardian) so we can chat about your Senior photo shoot. I'll send you Spring Grove Studio's 2018 Senior Photo digital magazine, which includes more information about your experience as a Senior session client with Spring Grove Studio.

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